Customer service


We have a knowledgeable and professional team ready to provide customers with instant support and obtain immediate answers to customer enquiries. For those queries which require investigation or consultation, customer service staff endeavours to track down the experts for you and let you know the status on all your requests.


Customer service is a key point of contact to respond to customer requests and changes in market trends. Customer Service also plays a key role in coordinating activities across our value chain that impact on delivery of service to customers.

  • We process sales orders, monitor delivery and update customers on their order status.
  • We advise customers on their account balances and payment status on request and in the order process.
  • We record and monitor equipment repair and maintain maintenance schedules.
  • We respond to customer enquiries or requests including Bon Voyage card enquiries through various media including telephone, email, fax, face-to-face and web chat.
  • We handle all customer complains, monitoring our response time and quality of resolution and closure to its logical conclusion.
  • We provide customers with specific product information.
  • We provide assistance or support on any other service requests and difficulties.


We strive to deliver high standards of service and continuously improve on this service to enhance customer satisfaction or experience, by delivering efficient, consistent and effective service.
To this end, we have invested in modern technology to support the processes and the staff. These systems allow us to measure and monitor our performance and benchmark. The information generated from the systems also provide valuable insights and feedback useful in aligning customers needs with appropriate solutions; and impinge on wider areas of business driving focused changes.


We are committed to provide value to our customers by delivering high standards of service and working continuously to improve on this service.
We commit to handle all customer interactions whether in person, through the telephone, email, fax or any other media in a timely and professional manner.